5 Ways To Beat The Slots At Their Own Game

Chloe Wilson - EditorChloe Wilson - 19 November 2018 in Features

  1. Have you ever looked at a particular slots game and thought to yourself: How can I beat that?
  2. Have you ever thought about how to get maximum payouts from pokies?
  3. You’ve come to the right place. Here we outline some hugely effective tips, tricks, and solid verifiable methods on how to win big at the slots.

Don’t even waste your time on other guides. We tell you everything you need to know right here, right now.

slot games

The information we provide here is gathered from our collective years of experience playing pokies online and in the real world. We cover everything including:

Right from the start, we would like to tell you that this is not a quick, step-by-step guide on how to cash out big at every single slots machine you play. If that is what you are looking for…you will probably be disappointed.

Instead, what we present to you is a collection of best practices and slots selection and playing methods that will greatly increase your chances of making some money. So if you have the right expectations–not of making millions–but turning a decent profit from the highly enjoyable pursuit of playing slots, read on…

Increasing your chances of winning at slots

Now honestly: what is the main reason why you play slots?

Like most people, the answer is probably: to win some money.

Sure, there is no denying that slots is fun, that you do it for the excitement, etc. etc., blah , blah, blah. We’re the same way ourselves. But you would be lying if you said that money–or rather, the chance to win some of it–doesn't factor into your playing in a big way.

Unfortunately, things don’t often go according to plan. In most cases, what happens is something like this:

  1. You play the pokies
  2. You win some money, or more likely, lose some
  3. You play again
  4. You lose ALL your money
  5. You give up…until the next time you lose again

That’s EXACTLY what this article will help you avoid.

There are many mistakes that people make when they play the slots, from improperly managing their bankrolls to choosing the wrong games, and so on.

If you want to get off that merry-go-round of playing the slots, losing money, and playing some more, you will have to take the following steps:

  1. Assess your playing habits/methods
  2. Realize what you are doing wrong
  3. Do something different

How do you go about that? Well, we’ll show you!

This guide is arranged into the following sections for clarity and organization. We suggest you go through each section, learn the rudiments by heart, then read them again.

  1. Getting one over the slots system
  2. Choosing the most favorable slots
  3. Effective slots playing–and winning–strategies
  4. Slots secrets for mobile players
  5. Determining a slots machine’s payout potential

Getting one over the slots system

The most important thing to realize is that all casinos operate on a system. This system is geared toward making them earn the most money from you as possible.

Of course, the flip side is that the system is also designed so that you lose as much money as possible.

Realizing this system is the single most important lesson you can learn about increasing your chances of winning at the slots. Know it cold, let it inform every decision you make, and you will be halfway to shaking off your losing streak.

casino floor

Typical casino floor

So what is this system exactly? And is it beatable?

The next time you walk into a casino or log in to your favorite online gambling site, take note of the slots that immediately catch your attention. Chances are, these are the ones that the casino wants you to play in.

The reason? They aren't likely to pay off as frequently as the other games!

Of course, most ‘reputable’ casinos will make claims about “fair and impartial results”, and “random number generators”, and the like.

But one thing they won't tell you is that the games themselves are set up in such a way that most players are instinctively drawn to low-payout games without thinking.

How do they do that? There are many ways by which casinos subconsciously influence you into favoring certain machines over others:

All these techniques and more are utilized so that players like you are automatically drawn to the games that the casino wants you to play. More often than not, those are the games that leave you broke sooner or later.

Ask yourself this:

The answer to both those questions–and the key to winning at the slots–is a resounding “Yes!”

Choosing the most favorable slots

So what is the big secret about slots games? Why are slots games placed where they are on the casino floor or on the pages of a casino website?

You would be surprised to know just how carefully casino owners plan out game presentation. There is a system for arranging games and positioning them, and it is never random.

In general, casinos want you to go for the large jackpot machines. This is why they are typically placed in a prominent spot. Whether they are on the center of the floor in a brick-and-mortar casino or right at the top of the homepage of a casino website, the goal is to grab your attention and get you pumping the coins in.

The trick is that these games are those that can be classified as “tight”, which means that there is much less chance of you making money off them as compared to ‘loose’ games.

Essentially, these games lure you in with the promise of a huge jackpot and bonuses out the wazoo. Unfortunately, the promise ultimately means squat, because you have about as much chance of hitting the Big Money as of the machine getting up and walking out the door.

The bottom-line is: casinos already know which slots are “tight” and which ones are “loose”. Care to guess which ones they want you to play in?

Loose vs. tight

Okay, so “tight” equals “bad” and “loose” equals “good”, right?

But how do you figure out which one is which?

The clue often lies in the placement.

Answering these questions should tell you all you need to know about whether or not a casino wants you to play a particular game.

Things aren't always what they seem at the casinos

Things aren't always what they seem at the casinos

Effective slots playing–and winning–strategies

So let's get down to brass tacks. Now that you know the system, how do you go about beating it?

Doing so requires a three-pronged method consisting of the following:

  1. Learn as much as you can about the games
  2. Resist the urge to play what the casino wants you to play
  3. Always revise your playing methods/practices

Learn as much as you can about the games

Just as a general would never go into battle without knowing the enemy, so too should you refrain from playing the slots until you know what you are up against.

It is your job to know about the payoff percentages, the jackpots, and the player counts of a game. You can't expect a casino to spoon-feed you this info. Even if they do, it is advisable to take official stats with a grain of salt.

Resist the urge to play what the casino wants you to play

You already know what the casinos want you to play. With the information that you have learned thus far, make your own decisions. Rely on your knowledge and your informed instincts, and do what seems right for YOU.

Always assess and revise your playing strategy

No strategy is iron-clad. If something just isn't working out, it would be utter folly to keep doing the same thing over and over again. Assess your playing methods and practices, and determine whether or not something needs changing. Eventually, you will hit on the winning formula.

Slots secrets for mobile players

“What about mobile players,” you might ask. “Surely there are some strategies that would help them get the better of slots games too?”

The flashiest slots aren't always the best options

The flashiest slots aren't always the best options

You are absolutely right. Mobile players deserve to get the better of slots every bit as much as desktop players and bettors at brick-and-mortar casinos.

The good news is that many of the same methods used by successful casino players apply to mobile players as well. This includes such strategies as:

  1. Identifying and playing the ‘loose’ games
  2. Ignoring the most popular games
  3. Going for the less-favored games

In fact, pretty much all the methods outlined in the previous sections can be employed to get one up over the mobile slots. Just remember this important detail: if a mobile casino seems overly eager to have you play a particular game, it would be best to try something else.

Determining a slots machine’s payout potential

Finally, this section goes over some tips on how to tell whether or not a particular slot machine has a high payout potential.

  1. Avoid the flashiest and most people game
  2. Choose a slots game that you know to be ‘loose’
  3. In a brick-and-mortar casino, check out the games played by the calm and focused players
  4. Choose the games that most everyone ignores

That’s it! With any luck–and with the help of the information provided–you will hopefully know how to:

Now get out there (or get online) and make some money!

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