The Worst Mistakes To Make When Playing Pokies

Chloe Wilson - EditorChloe Wilson - 23 November 2018 in Features

You love the pokies, we love the pokies… But that doesn’t mean that everyone is playing the pokies right. People make mistakes, it’s human to err, but you don’t have to keep making sad online pokies mistakes over and over.

If you want to improve your game and start a winning streak when playing slot machines, here’s a rundown of dumb mistakes when playing the pokies.

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Avoiding the Pokies Because of the HOUSE EDGE

Every casino game has a house edge. This is just how gambling works. In the long term, the casino will get its profit, and you are going to lose your money. Here’s how it all works:

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Playing With the LOWEST Stakes Possible

This is understandable for first time players of any kind of casino game.

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But if you do the math and the probabilities of winning, you will understand why always playing with the lowest stakes possible is actually a bad idea.

With the reality of the house edge aside, let’s say that you bet only 50 cents per spin, or 5 pennies spread over 10 separate pay lines.

In an hour if you make 600 spins, you are going to lose $300. If you hit a jackpot of about 2000 coins, then you stand to profit about $1,000 from playing pokies.

Let’s change the scenario. Instead of 50 cents per spin, let’s assume that you were gambling $3 per spin.

In an hour, the loss increases to $108. That’s a huge difference between an $18/hour loss if you had been betting with 50 cents per spin, right?

However, with a six percent house edge, you also stand to gain $6,000 should you hit a jackpot – and you can keep the jackpot afterward, effectively negating the long-term house edge projection that aims to recuperate how much the casino has lost from paying out the jackpot.

Our point is, if you are betting so low that you no longer find the gambling enjoyable, then what is the point of all of it?

You are still going to lose money, so why not do it on a level that you are going to truly enjoy playing pokies?

Avoiding Huge Jackpot Pokies

All pokies are to be loved – but there comes a time when you have to make a decision: keep playing the ‘safest’ games that reduce your hourly losses, or play for larger jackpots?

Again, this is all about making your games count personally because you are going to lose money anyway, if the house edge is just a point above 0%.

There is no casino game that will hand over big bucks for zero profit. That’s just how these games work, alright?

With that aside, you have to start thinking of the concept of “risk and regret” in gambling.

We are aware that many pokies players do not have an ultra lottery kind of thinking when they are playing slots machines. In fact, this is really common.

But keep in mind that the games with the fewest features and are the least flashy are also those that offer the lowest jackpots.

Like, half a hand of coins at best. Are you going to enjoy hours of playing on these babes? We don’t think so.

We think that people, deep down, are going to be bored after five minutes. Why? Because the whole point of gambling is pure enjoyment at playing with Lady Luck.

Muffle Lady Luck, cast her aside and place yourself a mile away from her and what do you have? Boredom. And you completely missed the point of gambling.

So start thinking of progressive jackpots and huge jackpot pokies. Online pokies that feature progressive jackpots are underwritten by the software developers themselves.

These games are linked from casino to casino, and the pool of money does not come from just one online casino.

It comes from an entire ecosystem of online casinos that offer the same progressive jackpots game. A small percentage of every bet is placed in the pool that serves as the mega jackpot of a lifetime.

Remember: no one has ever regretted winning a hundred thousand dollars or more. But regret does come when you avoid playing these games – and people win.

You Limit Your Plays To Traditional-Looking Pokies ONLY

All online pokies are ruled by RNG or random number generators.

This is a type of software that ensures that every play is completely random and that the probability of winning is equal among all players. Some games pay out better than others, depending on the scheme designed by the software developer.

People who are used to playing in live casino tend to gravitate toward pokies that resemble mechanical slots machines – with the aces and cherries, and all that.

Do not fall into this trap anymore. The software architectures of online pokies are not uniform – the software and payout rules are the same from game to game.

Give other pokies games a chance and have fun – do not be afraid to try other games and maybe you will have more fun. If you limit yourself to fruit exploding games and aces and cherries, you will lose out a lot in your online casino experience.

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